Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventures in Waikiki!

Waikiki was so gorgeous! So N's parents are the nicest, most generous people. Our original plan was to stay with N's family for 6 or our 7 nights in Hawaii and then stay in a hotel in Waikiki for 1 night just to experience being in the Waikiki area. Well, when we arrived in Hawaii we were told that N's parents had actually secured THREE nights at the Hale Koa Hotel on the shores of Waikiki! This MAY be because they didn't want us in the house for all 6 nights... but no matter the motivation, they paid for 3 night at a hotel for us! Soooo very cool.

 The Hale Koa Hotel
On our 1st full day in Waikiki we were yet again treated to another surprise. Our original plan was to have N's cousin, Eric, teach us how to surf. We had asked him two days earlier when we had dinner together, but he said he was unable to do it because of work. However he said he'd try to work something out with his friend that runs a surfing shop on the beach. Well, we found out that surfing lessons were going to be $45/person ... but Eric paid for ALL 4 of us!! (N didn't surf.. she stayed on the beach to tan. hehe) 
Getting ready to hit the waves!
It was such a great time learning to surf. I really thought that I was going to have a harder time learning. And I'm not being cocky, but it was actually really easy. We had assistance, of course. The instructor would find the waves for us and give us a push to get us going. But getting on the board and staying on it was really easy. I guess being a dancer helps with the balance on the board. It was sooo fun. There were a few times when I had to just stop myself to take it all in and acknowledge that I was SURFING in freakin HAWAII! Oh so good!
We even got free pictures from the surfing shop!!
 That night, I was not done being out on the beach so I proposed a late night walk along the shore. N and Erik were up for it, while Chris and Zack stayed in the hotel. I'm so glad that I went out there because the water was SO beautiful. The moonlight was shimmering in the water and looked so amazing! And I went out to feel the water... STILL WARM! Felt so nice to have the water on my feet. We were out there for almost an hour because it was so nice. My first time being at the beach at night. I live very close to the beach in California but the beaches here are COLD at night so I've never wanted to go. But so different in Hawaii!! Had such a great night.
N and me acting couple-y on the beach :)
N, Erik, and my shadows
So I'm saving the best post about Hawaii for last.. and it's coming up soon. It's about my time at the luau and the gay bar. I've been wanting to tell the story for a while -- I've been wanting to just tell all my friends but I'm afraid that I'd seem slutty if I went around blabbing it. HAHA. Intrigued yet??

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Aek said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time. Now I REALLY want to go to Hawaii. :D