Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guys With iPhones

I was just introduced to a new obsession by my friend Joey. It's called "Guys With iPhones." It's basically a page where guys with iphones can upload pics of themselves. And some of these photos are YUMMY! Take this one for example:

I love having good looking boys to look at. And whoever thought of this site deserves a gold star in my book! hehehe. I've uploaded a pic of myself, but it takes time for the moderators of the site to check and post them on the site. I'm guessing mine won't even be approved and even if it is, it'll take weeks before they get to mine. But I'll keep you guys updated on that. HEHE. In the meantime, here are a few more good looking guys from the site.


OlyQueerKid said...

Hehe. I've spent most of today browsing this site. Made my day!

Tom - OF the Daily Jizzt said...

Its tom here
I have an iphone but u wont find my pic on htere,
However I-phones do leave gps data embedded inth epic so u can actually trace the hot boys back to thier genreal location, HAHAH
If you had th etime that is,