Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wasn't Meant To Be...

I've been really lazy lately. And not just lazy like not getting up and out of bed on time.. but so lazy that I can't even be bothered prepare myself for some hot sex. I know what you're thinking.. and yes, I'm THAT lazy. I'm worried that it's also because my sex drive isn't the same as before, and that's a even worse thing than just being lazy. Whatever it is, I haven't had sex for months now.

Well, tonight, I finally got back some of that sex drive. I was at home doing my P90X when I noticed that in the apartment across from me, there was a hot shirtless guy walking around with all his windows wide open. I could tell he had a nice body. So I took off my shirt and opened up all my windows too so try and show off. I don't even know if he was looking into my window (and he most likely wasn't) but I just kind of got off from the possibility that he was watching. So after that, I was pretty horny. I started messaging Jason and tried to see if he was horny as well. (Jason's been trying to have sex with me again these past months but I've said no because I just haven't been feeling it) So I hinted at him coming over and have sex with me with the windows open so that the guy across from me can watch. He sort of laughed. And then I didn't get a response from him for a while. While he was gone, I kept telling him to come over and fuck me. And then about 25 minutes later, he finally replies and says, "Oh... I thought you were playing with me since you haven't been wanting to so I already jacked off and went to get food." ........ sigh....... I was so bummed. I was all ready. I even prepared myself for sex. If you're a bottom, then you know what I'm talking about :P But then he said no.... Blah.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be tonight. Hopefully I'll get the same level of horniness tomorrow and will want some sex. :P Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Dzyan said...

I´m rooting for you! in every sense of the word :P

Hope you have your fun soon.


Aek said...

Lol, such is life.

Btw, whatever happened with that threesome? o_O said...

wow buddy, i'm pretty lazy myself, but too lazy for sex is never an issue. i'm going to disneyland tomorrow (fri). exciting!!