Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mansions, and Theaters, and Ocean Views... OH MY!

I am still in awe... someone pick my jaw off the ground please.... oh thank y... oh wait.. sorry, it dropped again...

So today, I had a date with a guy that I met online. He seemed like a cool guy.. a little bit of a prick at first, but I forgave him because he's good looking and is from Australia. I am in LOVE with Aussies. :P So I asked if he wanted to hang out some time. That some time was this morning. I woke up early to get ready and so that I could get to his house by 11:30. He lived about 35 minutes away from me so I had to plan accordingly.

I got in my Prius and turned on the GPS. I input his address into the system and off I go. The GPS took me all the way out to the ocean. The weather was BEAUTIFUL today... I was welcoming it after a full week of brutal thunderstorms. I drove a bit along the coast, when the GPS told me to turn up into the hills. So I was driving up the hill, the houses are getting nicer and nicer. I was wondering where I was going... I got closer and I realized that I was all the way at the top where the highest houses are. And then I saw it... a 5-story modern piece of architecture. THAT'S the house?? I walked up the stairs to get to the front door. I rang the doorbell and through the intercom he said he'll be up in a bit. As I wait, I looked out to the ocean... a SPECTACULAR view. It was seriously breathtaking.

I'm nervous at this point... meeting a guy that I don't know at all other than a few conversations online. And to top it off, this guy is seemingly LOADED. He opened the door and I stepped into view of him. He's skinnier than in the pictures... but still good looking. Maybe if he washes up a bit... He welcomed me into his house and apologized for the way he looks because he slept in. He had a long night last night. He took me up a flight of stairs and says, "You better get used to stairs... you gotta like stairs." With an Australian accent, nonetheless. YUMMM!! We exchanged some formalities and he asked if I want anything to drink. I opted for water. Then he proceeded to take me to the stairs again and into a room with plush carpet and giant bean bag chairs on the ground. Before I knew what was going on, he was pressing a bunch of buttons on a fancy console and the projector turned on lighting up a a GIANT movie screen. And then I could hear electronic whirring noises. Looking around I saw that the curtains were closing automatically, blocking out the sun. He turned on "Invention of Lying," the Ricky Gervais movie, saying that he started watching it the other day and wanted to finish it.

He picked one of the bean bags and plopped himself on it. Not wanting to be too forward, I sat down on another bean bag. We spent the entire movie on our respective bean bags. No chance for cuddling. Not really a cuddling movie any way. But throughout the course of the movie we did have a few conversations. Most intriguing was that he admitted to not having many gay friends. Most of his friends are straight. Not sure if he doesn't like hanging out with gay guys or what... But I was glad he was hanging out with me. :)

When the movie ended he he took me on a tour of the MANSION. We have more conversations along the way. And hopefully he didn't see me gawking at everything I was seeing. A beautiful spa/pool area. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The fur-lined elevator. LOL. Giant jacuzzi tub. I just have never been in a house like this before. It's just amazing!

I talked with him more and I asked what kind of business he's in. Well, he's an owner of a civil engineering company that builds tunnels, bridges, etc. for the government and then sells it to them as a product. He's a 55% owner of a publicly traded, multi-million/billion dollar company. I couldn't make out if he said million or billion because I was just so in shock at that point. Thank goodness that I had told him what MY job was first... Would've been embarrassing to talk about my measly job after his. Oh.. and he's only 28!

Then he took me into his room and we went on his computer because he wanted to show me some pictures of the damage to his house from the thunderstorms. There were mudslides and flooding in his neighborhood. Luckily his house didn't have too much damage but there was a LOT of mud. Just sat next to him on his bed while looking at these pictures. He also showed off me his house that he recently sold in Hollywood. Of course he bought a new one in Beverly Hills, but he's renovating it. He bought it for $5 million but it's gonna take about $18 million to renovate, so it'll end up being a $23 million home. Was he exaggerating?... I'm really not sure...

Unfortunately, after the pictures, it was already past the time that I needed to leave (I had work). So he took me down the several flights of stairs, past his pool table and giant office, through his garage, and down his driveway. We said our goodbyes, awkwardly. I went in for a hug, but he was moving around or something at the same moment so I sort of jerk back, and then start walking away. He said something about behaving or whatever, but I was too embarrassed to make out what he was saying. I turned back around one last time and said BYE, with a huge smile on my face to mask my embarrassment.

I got in my car and I just sort of sat there for a minute, taking in what had just happened. I just spent about 3+ hours with a hot, rich, Australian with a gorgeous mansion. AMAZING!! I drive and get to work and decide that it's been long enough that I can text him. Thanks for having me over, _(Aussie)_. I had a great time. Hope to hang out again soon.  

As I waited for a reply and thought back about our "date," I realized that we didn't even touch once. We didn't shake hands when we first met. He didn't hug me when he said goodbye. Not once did we touch. I started to think that he wasn't going to reply back because he just simply wasn't interested. 10 minutes later: Hey dude, hit me up when ur free next and we can line something up. So maybe he IS interested. :P Next "date": tomorrow night!

To Be Continued....


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Anonymous said...

this post sounds like it came straight out of debriefing the boys... jkjk

good luck though!

Aek said...

Wow, talk about serendipity! Don't let go of this one just yet. ;-)

Doug said...

@Anonymous: I LOVE Matt from DTB! If only I could live the life of Matt... he sounds like he has such a great time in all of his posts.

@Aek: Oh don't worry, I don't intend to let this one go! HAHA. I'm seeing him tonight! hopefully there's more good things to write!

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OlyQueerKid said...

I felt like I was dreaming just reading this. can't imagine how you felt.