Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Ass Hurts

I had the most amazing time!! Snowboarding that is! ;)

It was my first time snowboarding so it took me a while to get it.. which is why my ass hurts. I fell on my ass sooo many times. LOL. And there was ONE fall right on my tailbone that really kept me down. I couldn't move for a few minutes. And now I can't really sit back on my tailbone... I have to sit up straight. Well, it's better now, because this was a few days ago now, but I'm still definitely sore in a lot of places. However, I think I'm going back again in a month of two when there's more fresh snow! I can't wait because I want to get better at it! I started to get the hang of it on my last run, so I think with a few more runs, I can finally do a run without falling. HAHA.


Aek said...

I've never been snowboarding or skiing either, so I'd fall down on my ass a lot too. :-P

AJCon89 said...

now we just have to find someone to make your ass really hurt :-P

Ron said...

hey there

haha, I went snowboarding earlier in December back in Canada -- a full 4 days at it and it was awesome too, there were several blue runs where i caught the edge at some point

there was one where i flew in the air, flipped and landed also on my tailbone and it hurt like a bich, i lay there for like a whole 5 minutes in pure pain haha... but all in all it's always worth it -- just make sure you know your level and stick to it

take care


Ron said...

and just to mention it, cute pic :)

Aaron said...

hahahaha. your title was a bit suggestively wrong. :P i haven't even seen snow yet, what more to say ice-skating or skiing! But I'd love to do it though!

Stephen Chapman... said...

Snowboarders seem to spend most of their time on their arses - blocking the slopes!