Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vegas Again? and Again?

If you've been reading my blog, then you know that I go to Vegas a lot. It's because I have friends that LOVE to drink and party and just go crazy. And Vegas is just about the perfect place for that. It's relatively close (4 hour drive) so we can always go on our days off from work for a day or two. It's just fun to go out and night and have fun with your friends.

Well, I was just there this past Wed/Thurs. Had an amazing time just being goofballs. The first night didn't end up all too well though. One of my friends went off to find a hookup so that left only 5 of us. Then another two of them were horsing around and one of them pushed the other into a bush and he kinda toppled over a bit, so he got him back and pushed him back into the bushes. But he picked a bad time to do it because it was a weak spot in the bushes and he fell right through. So for a second, he was lost in the bushes and had to have someone help him up. For the rest of the night, the two didn't talk to each other. And so the one that fell through the bushes and his girlfriend went back to the hotel room early. Which meant only 3 of us were left. The 3 of us made the best of our time together and did more walking around and drinking. But then when we were calling a night and heading back to the hotel room, one of us got an email that he had been waiting for regarding an audition. And the email wasn't good. He didn't get the job. So he was bummed out when we got back to the room. And to top it off, the one that went off for a hookup came back earlier than expected, crying, and went straight to the corner of the room and cried himself to sleep on the floor. HAHA. DRAMA!

The next day was a brand new day and we started off with a lunch buffet at the Mirage hotel. YUMMO! That put us all back into a good mood. And we were back to being one big happy family :) Buffets are just awesome!

Well, it's now Saturday. And I'm home with family after a long day at work. Guess where I'm going with my family tomorrow for 3 days? VEGAS! HAHA. I didn't tell my family that I went to Vegas already with my friends. It's gonna be a different Vegas experience with my family. They actually love to go to Vegas. As a family, we go almost every year at least 3 or 4 times. Whenever there's a holiday, Vegas is usually the top vacation spot for us. But that's because my family likes to eat. We are probably going to be at the buffets ALL the time. HAHA. Not sure what else we could do... we have two little ones coming along so they really can't do much. We'll see! But we're staying at the Venetian so I'm looking forward to it!

And just an update on the job hunt. Apple has not replied to me yet. No emails or phone calls back. Bummer... I decided against calling that phone number I found online. If they want me, they'll call me. In other news, I may actually be trying to take over for my choir director when he retires, which might be at the end of this year. I just emailed him about the possibility of student teaching under his apprenticeship and allowing me to teach/direct a few songs for the Concert Choir this spring and he agrees that it's an excellent idea. I hope that this happens because that would be REALLY awesome. I would LOVE to teach choir as a living! Wish me luck on this!


Stephen Chapman... said...

Sounds brilliant - I am going to Las Vegas for the first time next June.

Aek said...

Wow, you've been to Las Vegas A LOT. o_O Glad you keep having fun there, and not losing too much money, lol.

Good luck with that choir directorship thing!

Ty said...

when you taking me? hehe

Seth said...

A wonderful and happy holiday season to you!!!


Will said...

Hey I'm going to Vegas right after New Year's! I'm going with a huge contingent of my cousins.

It will actually be the first time I've gone since coming out; I was mildly curious to check out a gay strip club (cause I've never actually been to one, and it just seemed like Vegas was the place to do it). I'm going with a bunch of my cousins though, I dunno if I'll actually go.

What other cool gay things are there to do in Vegas? I just always like to check out the gay scene in new cities, to compare to the ones I know.

Anonymous said...

I can't afford Vegas. I've been twice and lost $200 in the first 30 minutes each time. I was broke before the cocktail bitch came by.