Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Applying for Apple

My job at Disney is pretty amazing.. however, it doesn't really pay much. Thus I've been trying to find other jobs that I would like to do. Searching for a teaching job right now is basically futile because the education budget in the state of California is zilch... so I'm trying to look for other jobs that fit my qualifications.

And I think I've found the perfect one: Apple Corporate Field Marketing in Educational Markets Executive. My combined BA in Economics and MA in Education/Teaching really makes me a good fit for this. It's basically someone who's in charge of the seminars/meetings that Apple sponsors/creates for high schools/colleges/universities to promote and sell their computers. The seminars teach students/teachers/faculty/staff on how best to apply Apple computers and Apple software to create the best education environment.

I wrote a really kickass cover letter for this job (tooting my own horn.. :P) and uploaded it, along with my resume, to the Apple website. And that's all I have done. There's no contact phone or email for me to follow up with them. I did this on Thanksgiving so it's been over a week. I'm starting to get restless about it and want to somehow contact them to just see if they've received it and maybe set myself apart from all other applicants.

Well, like I said, there's no email or phone number listed on their jobs website. And just basic yellow pages and simple google-ing doesn't give me anything. However, with some further searching I was able to come up with a phone number and fax number for the office. BUT, it's actually part of some guy's personal website. It show directions to the office. Here's the link: Apple Santa Monica Office. It's on www.ronlawrence.com ... I believe this Ron Lawrence works for Apple somewhere; I tried to look that up on Google too. But is it kind of creepy to just call the office because I found their number on some guy's website. I mean, I guess they didn't publicize their phone number for a reason? But I really should follow up on my application, right? Maybe I can fax my cover letter and resume again?

What should I do?? Please help. I need all of your advice on this...


Aek said...

Hmmm, I think it would be a tad creepy to just call him up. o_O

They probably got TONS of applications . . . give it another week or so. Then if you're still feeling restless and they haven't replied yet, send an email or something.

Anonymous said...

I would advise working your network - try to find anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody who works there and then get in touch with the insider ASAP. It ALWAYS helps to have someone on the inside working in your favor, no matter how high up in the organization. Also check monster/careerbuilder/ladders.com to see if they have listings and/or contact information - try to get in touch with the hiring manager vs the HR person. If you're not using LinkedIn - get online and start working that angle so you can more easily identify the people in your "network" who can connect you to Apple..... email me if none of this makes sense!

Anonymous said...

If you are fairly confident that this phone # is the right one, then go head and call, but just to ask about the status of your application and to thank them for their consideration, and that's it. Don't be annoying.

You can be reasonably sure that they got 300+ applications. You can also be reasonably sure that you will get a very rehearsed response like, "we'll notify you blah blah and keep your application on file blah blah." Or, more likely, "our office doesn't handle that."

If you are not annoying, it will at least give you some peace of mind, and a very, very small chance of floating your resume back up to surface from wherever it is buried.

If you are annoying, you'll likely get your resume tossed into the nearest wastebasket.

m a r v z said...


Sorry - I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite sometime.

Though my comment on this might is repetitive when you compare it to the above, it just tells you that theres at least a consistency between all of answers.

As the saying goes "You carve your own paths as the path is not carved for you".

It would be best advised to make a call to the HR or Talent Coordinator and just request a simple update on your application and see how this is faring against the other applicants. Also, this might provide you with a window of opportunity to further present yourself over the phone about your keen interest in seeking this job.

Though the competition for this position is quite high, employers need people who stand out of the crowd and are willing to be trained in the functions of the jobs.

To make yourself known, and to associate a voice behind a resume, it is best to call and you may get in touch the very person who is responsible for hiring.

I am a Team Leader of Emergency Medicine at my Hospital in Australia so I often do assist with adhoc duties with HR to find which applicants would suit my Emergency Team of junior doctors and I would call the (medical) students who took the initiative to call us to check how their application is going.

You have nothing to lose Doug. A simple phone call to follow up is definitely worth the effort in the eyes of everyone.

Hope said...

If it was me..Well I'd give it like a day or so more. Then just call. I mean really, unless some guy's gonna come and rape you, there's nothing to worry about.

And to some..thats the least of there worries. (Lol)


Im sure you'll get the job.

God luck. =D


AJCon89 said...

I think you just gotta let it be... they obviously dont want people calling or emailing them.

They probably get hundreds (if not thousands) of applicants and they probably just cant handle all the calls...

Best of luck getting the job... I am pulling for you buddy.


Dzyan said...

Really hope you get this job, I seems you´re the ideal candidate, don´t get restless looks like waiting is all you can do at this stage, best of lucks, a shame you´d have to stop dancing at Disney´s, but can´t have it all, wish you only get the best out of life.


Ty said...

i agree with aj let it be.

good luck on the job!

Anonymous said...

I applied for a job there, too. The guy in the store said to apply for it online and just run a copy of your application or resume into the store when the manager is there. It might make the process go quicker. Good luck!

Barry said...

Phone him up for a date? Is he hot? ;)

Ryan said...

how about a new update dude? we need caught up on apple and adams apple hehe!