Friday, October 15, 2010

My Internet Crush

Two months ago, I was on the internet dating hookup site that I always go on just checking out the guys on there when I get a message from a really cute guy. Hmm, why is this cute boy messaging me? When I looked at his pics, I thought to myself, "This is exactly the type of guy that I am attracted to!" So, I was excited to get a message from him and more interested to know why he would be interested in me. So I message him back and strike up a conversation.

His name is Garrett. He's white, a bit shorter than me, athletic build, swimmer, likes working out, WAY cute, funny, educated, motivated. Everything I want in a guy :P But after a few more messages, I notice that he's from Arizona.... 500 miles away :(

But that didn't stop me from messaging him and getting to know him better. He seemed to be interested in learning more about me as well. And since then, we've been talking every now and then. We've also swapped phone numbers so we text each other as well.

However, every time we chat now, it seems so superficial. It's always, "Hey, how's it going?" "What have you been up to lately?" "What'd you do today?"

I'm such a bad conversation starter. I'm even worse at keeping conversations going. So, everyone, please help me out! What do I talk about now? How do I keep our conversations interesting?

And I know you're asking, "Why are you so interested in keeping fresh with him? He lives far away..." Well, it turns out that he's getting a job offer out here in California in a month or two! He won't exactly be right next door, but he'll only be about 1.5 hours away. Way better than the 5-6 hours away that he is now. So we're most likely going to be meeting each other when he comes out here. I just want to keep him interested in me from now until then.

So how do I keep him interested? How do I make good conversation?...


Aek said...

How about asking him about his day and his job? Maybe get to know him more - his likes/dislikes, etc?

two horns child said...

I agree too. Strike up conversations that makes you understands him more. The questions that you mentioned are normal. it's like saying hello to everyone we met. It's just to start up a conversations. Don't stress about that. There are always plenty to ask if you care enough for that person. For instance, family? ask him about his family history. one by one, i guess from there it would spark a good conversations. (it also shows you care too :)) and then he would ask you back. there goes another hour. or maybe about his colleagues, his best friends, politics at work. best to ask things that could benefit you and helps the future relationships. Sometimes going micro on stuffs helps. asking about his child hood. sometimes you may hear him say that there are some things that he wants awhen he was a kid or when he was at school and all.... from there you could get ideas of the christmas gift you gonna get him. Well, these are just suggestions. i'm not an experts myself. Hope it helps.


exalen said...

Just need to find some common ground; even if it's something as silly as a TV show or music or things to check out in CA... Who knows, you could find yourself playing tour guide.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If you're a top..tell hi, you want to fuck his brains out; if you're a bottom, tell him you want get fucked all night long