Friday, May 28, 2010

Saying Hi

It's really a shame that I don't post as often as I used to. I used to do it so often.. writing about the most mundane things. But I've come to realize that noone really wants to read about my boring life. But you know what? At least that means there's no drama. So I guess in that sense, it's a good thing. However, I do have two things to write about right now. Chris and Disney World.

Let's start with Chris. He's a new guy that I had met on Grindr. We kind of hit it off because we both were not looking for hookups (like so many people are on Grindr). We got to talking cuz we thought each other cute, and we eventually decided on a day and place to have lunch together. We went to California Pizza Kitchen and spent almost 2 hours just chatting. We learned about each other and it was good times. I always like a guy that's a talker, cuz that means I don't have to do too much of the talking. I mean, I did my fair share of talking. I wasn't just quiet and sitting there. But he did chat a lot and shared a lot about his life, which I like.

We continued to text each other after the lunch and decided on getting lunch again because we had talked about getting Thai for together. So he suggested that I order Thai food and have it delivered to my place so we can just hang out. I was a little hesitant to have him over at my apartment so soon, but I just felt comfortable with him. So I agreed to it. We sat in my living room, enjoying lunch, and just watching random TV. Eventually he got comfortable on the couch and we were a bit more touchy. He offered to give me a massage and I said yes. I never turn down a massage! After he was done, I returned the favor. And when I was done, I put my arm around his neck and we were just in each others arms watching TV. We gently caressed each other while we watched TV. It wasn't anything too sexual.. just sort of... nice. :) After a bit of time, it was time for him to go back to work and for me to get going since I had made plans with my friends. That night, he was on a plane to South Florida for a vacation with his mom. He's gonna be gone until June 7th. But we said we'll definitely do it again when he gets back.

The other thing is... I'm going on vacation too!! And it's also in Florida. Central Florida. Going to Disney World again!! I make a trip every year. This time, it's NOT alone! My best friend Jon is coming along. He's bringing his new boyfriend with him though.... Never met the boyfriend before.. so hope it won't be awkward hanging around them. I'm just gonna be the third wheel... great. At least they're staying in their own hotel room while he's there. And then when the boyfriend leaves, Jon will stay with me. Guess I'll just have to have a boy of my own to hang out with ... and I plan to. Jamie (yes, that Jamie..) should be spending some time with me.

I'm way excited! I always am when I'm going to Disney World. I leave June 2nd and come back June 9th. So it's only a few days away and I just can't wait!! I hope I find the time to write a report once I get back. :) And maybe there'll be more to report on Chris as well. ;)


Aaron said...


Love the Chris story and insanely jealous that you're going to Disney World!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Florida. Sounds like Chris might be a good hook up. I've never turned down a massage either.

Anonymous said...

chris sounds like he could become way more than just a fuck buddy. this sounds very promising! wonderful! you deserve a turn in the pool of love.

Hope said...

Heey, ^^

Sounds like your going to be having a good time. haha =p

Im glad you dont have any drama. Drama can get soo tiring. >.<