Sunday, March 7, 2010

Applying for Random Jobs

In the last week, I've inquired about and sent out resumes to so many different companies for so many different job openings. I really think it's time for me to move on from my current job or at least get an additional job because I need the money.

But I did want to share with everyone some of the jobs that I have applied for. Some are pretty normal and would be awesome to get because of the money or because it's what I want to do. And then some are just kinda funny and I think is just nice to think about.

1. Apple Store - I've wanted to work for Apple for so long. It's not secret that I'm an Apple Fanboy. And this week, one of my friends who already works at Apple referred me and sent in my resume to the managers. So hopefully something comes of it.

2. High School Summer School Math Teacher - I stumbled upon this opening the other night. The education budget in California is in such bad place so I think a lot of people will be jumping on this opportunity. But hopefully they'll at least consider me. This would be a perfect way for me to see if I REALLY like teaching because it'll only be for the summer. And the pay is pretty good.

3. Various Disney Openings - As a Disney employee, I have access to all the job openings within the larger Disney company. And there are TONS of openings... most of which I'm not exactly qualified for, but I still applied to them. Some are management positions. Some are actually related to education. We'll see if I even get a reply from any of those.

4. Ice Rink - I talked about my interest in figure skating and how I'm going to be training. I'm going to be writing a more in depth post about that soon. But my new interest in skating doesn't come cheap. Each time I go and practice on the ice is $8. I'm taking some classes that allow me some free sessions, but it's really not enough if I want to get really good at it. So I decided to apply to be a Skate Guard (like a lifeguard, but on the ice rink) and Box Office Cashier at two skating rinks nearby. I'm hoping that either of those jobs would allow me free time on the ice. I actually really hope I get this!

Now here comes the fun ones...

5. Go Go Dancer - I randomly was thinking about how I need more money and what are the best ways to get the money quickly and easily. Well, all of a sudden, being a go go dancer popped into my head. I've never really thought about doing this... most likely because I think it'd be totally awkward and I know people would be judging me. BUT, I thought about how much tips go go dancers must get every night! Now, I don't even know if I have a chance.. but I inquired about upcoming go go dancer auditions for Gameboi at Rage, a club in West Hollywood where on Friday nights it's Asian night. I went to the website and those go go dancers are RIPPED. I'm nowhere CLOSE to what they look like.. but if I can find out when auditions are, maybe I can workout more often. I will have an actual goal, which may help motivate me more. But I'm definitely keeping this as a possibility.

6. Cameraman/Prod Assistant for Randy Blue! - OK this one is the best! HAHA. I follow Randy Blue on Twitter and one day, they tweeted that they needed a part time cameraman/production assistant and to email them if interested. Well, I jumped at the chance. Why not, right?! Filming hot guys have sex?? C'mon! Best job ever! I emailed them asking for more information and they replied. Pay is decent and the hours would be pretty nice. I'd still be able to keep my regular job too. So I emailed them my resume (not that it would help because I don't think a Masters in Teaching would help me be a porn site production assistant). So I'm not really holding my breath for this one, but I just think it's totally funny and awesome that I jumped at the opportunity.

So there you have it... the various jobs that I applied for this past week. That's a lot, huh? I guess we'll see if anything comes of this. I really hope I get a reply or two. Like I said, the ice rink one, I really want to get. It'd be in addition to my normal job, and it'll help me get more skating in. So it's really the biggest win-win for me at this point. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and send your positive thoughts this way. Thanks guys. :)