Monday, April 20, 2009


OMG, two posts within an hour?! HAHA, well.. I couldn't keep this one from the blog because it's about Jamie. And I write everything I think about Jamie on this blog. Which means I haven't really thought about Jamie for a really long time, which is a good thing I guess.

but just now, I chatted with Jamie on Facebook. Just kinda caught up. I did message him first. It was 1:15am my time, which means it was 4:15am his time, so I just thought I'd message to ask why he was still up. We then talked about work and other things going on in our lives. We kinda geeked out about NASA because he was able to go to the Apollo Launch Complex the other day and stand on the launch pad. His brother works for them so he was granted special access. It just made me think about our times together and our conversations before. And then he told me that he should try to get to sleep and that maybe he should jack off until he passes out. So naturally I said, "wish I could be there to help you." And then he says, "me too." ... Why is he so cute and why is he all the way across the country? Sigh.... FML.

I'm going to Florida this June. June 11-16 to be exact. I'm not getting my hopes up. But it'd be nice to at least see him when I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Florida, eh?
Orlando and Mickey's World or the Beaches?

Doug said...

Mickey's World. Not the beaches. Although I should try that out one of these days.