Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things Are Short Lived...

I'm not ok. I don't feel good. Will didn't turn out like I wanted. It was going to be awesome... if only he hadn't just gotten out of a relationship with his ex-bf. Now he wants to date around... see what's out there. Which I get. But then he's telling me about the guy that he went on a date with. And he's telling me that he can confide in me because he feels comfortable with me. WTF does that mean? He doesn't feel he needs to be purely romantic, purely sexual, or purely friendly with me. His words. So I'm just the in-between guy. That makes me feel SOOO good.... :-/

He's not sure if I'm the right guy.. he wants to find out what's out there first before settling. So I MAY be the one, but he doesn't know. Whatever... I told him fine... that's all great.. but I'm not going to be waiting around forever for him to figure that out.

I'm so disheartened... heartbroken... frustrated...


Anonymous said...


Have you heard of the American term called - "Booty Call"?

Thats what I would interpret his actions of treatment towards you.

It is too much (and down right rude) for you to await a decision on his behalf as it will burn you mentally.

Perhaps you can drop this boy this quote.

"Don't leave the person you love with the person you like as the person you like will leave you for the person they love"

Delicate situation but you choose how you want to be treated.

Be in control of your emotions; not your emotions take control of you.

- M

Aek said...

:-( That sucks to hear. But yeah, don't wait around for him. If he comes around and realizes what a great guy you are, and you're still single then, then great! If not, then there are certainly many more people out there for you!

Don't feel disheartened. Just be patient a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

you are what people in the teen advising world call the safe you are comfortanle he knows he can leave you and come back and you wont say a thing he is using you if what you say is true and it is not a great relationship to be in the first three years of my moms marriage she was used as a safe he ould cheat and blah blah and he would come back after he got done she still is being used as that but she is safe and wont get out will you? these types of relationships hurt Love<~peter~>

p.s.s if you need to talk i am always on my msn dpking32@yahoo.com

exalen said...

Dude, you deserve so much better than someone who's gonna treat you like that.

Also, just noticing, you always seem to expect everything to be perfect and fantastic, then get disappointed when reality doesn't match. But reality is rarely perfect: just some perfect moments in a long chain of mediocre and sometimes shitty moments.

Easy to say for me, i know: but when you stop expecting then maybe you'll be surprised by reality one day. Just take the good with the bad. Celebrate the joy and know that the shitty moments are only temporary...

Anonymous said...

It's really bad what he is doing because it is hurting you so much.

Not to mention he could pick up a disease and pass it on to you, too.

Be good to yourself and move on.

letopho said...

Meh. It is what it is. If you're not the one to him now... Do you want "wait" until you are?

Naw. Fuck friends, nothing more.

Alex C. said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I just experienced this situation firsthand myself, and it's a horrible feeling. You just need time...

Good luck and take care!