Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Broke The Rule...

I had a rule... never get mixed up with the drama at work. That means, don't date guys from work, don't hook up with guys from work. Nothing good ever comes from it. Relationships are bound to end and people get nasty. It has happened time and time again and I just see it destroying friendships. Not just the two people who are involved.. but all the people around them because then we have to choose sides... Just bad all around. So that was my rule... Don't Date/Hookup From Work!

Well... it happened. I broke the rule. A few weeks ago, one of the boys from work, Jonah, came up to me to just chat. He's a definite cutie. He's younger, by 3 or 4 years. He has such a great personality.. very fun loving and kind. He just has the cutest face and a really toned body. He once told me that he never works out.... damn him and his awesome genes. I guess I've always had a little bit of a crush on him.

Back to what was going on... he came up to me to chat. Then he proceeded to tell me that he has a mini-crush on me. I was taken aback. I was surprised and flattered and a bit excited all at the same time. He just thinks that I'm cute, I guess. So I then also told him that I've had a mini-crush on him for a while now too. :P He seemed to be happy to hear that.

Ever since that chat, we've been a bit more touchy with each other. We'll give each other hugs more often and just kind of hold each other or sit close to each other. A very innocent thing, but totally cute and totally comfortable. And then one day, he taught me a few phrases in Korean (he's learning Korean.. he loves Koreans). He taught me the basics: "Hello" and "How are you?" And then also, "You have a cute butt" and "I want to do it with you." LOL. Well, if that isn't telling me something, then I don't know what is!

Keeping my rule in mind, I kind of played it off and just laughed. And then we left work. But I was definitely thinking about it that whole night. Well... a few hours later, at home, I was bored and a bit horny (when am I not?). So I decided to get on Jonah's facebook and write on his wall: "So can you teach me how to say those Korean phrases again? :P"

A few minutes later, he messaged me on iChat. Actually, he attempted to video chat me so that he could teach me how to say it. Well, for whatever reason, the video chat wasn't working. It just wouldn't start up. Being playful, I say, "Well, you just have to come over and teach me in person." I forget what was said next, but to summarize, he said not to tempt him because he was pretty horny. Well, I definitely didn't stop it... OK, I actually encouraged him to come over. But really... I didn't think he was actually going to do it!

But the next thing he said was that he was going to hop in the shower and then head over. Whoa! It was really going to happen! Not sure what exactly was going to happen when he got here, but I was starting to get nervous! What am I wearing? What do I look like? What are we going to do when he gets here? Do I need a shower too? Seriously 10 million things going on in my mind.

Well, I ended up taking that shower. He got here about 15 minutes later. (oh did I mention that by this time, it was 4am?) I showed him to my room and we laid down on the bed together. I turned on the TV and we just kind of cuddled for a bit. It was really cute. We were spooning. And I hadn't had someone to do that with in a REALLY long time. And after a few minutes of that, he turned towards me and gave me a peck. And that little peck led to a pretty hot makeout session. And the makeout session led to clothes coming off. And well... you get the picture.

Ok... so he really likes rimming. He's a big fan of ass. And I guess he was a big fan of mine. and I wasn't complaining! He did that for a REALLY long time. It was awesome. And then there was some humping going on... which is the international signal for "I want to stick it in." Well, I really wasn't anticipating it getting this far... so I was a little hesitant at first. But... he made me extremely horny and I just couldn't say no. So I went and grabbed the condoms and lube and told him to let me have it.

Wow it was awesome. He had a nice cock. It was a nice size... not too big or small. Just perfect. And it definitely hit the spot! After pounding me from behind, he had me sit on it. And THAT really hit the spot. After a while of that, I couldn't hold it anymore and I came all over his chest. He jerked off for a bit, had me moan in his ear, and he came too. Both of our juices all over him. And by this time... it was 5:30am.

He took a shower and then got dressed. I walked him back out to his car. We gave each other a kiss goodnight and then he drove off. I broke the rule. And climbing into bed after that, I was nervous... what if our friendship changes because of this hookup? Is it going to be awkward when we see each other at work? I just don't know how that works... hooking up with someone that I have to see everyday at work...

Well, the next day came... and we were both at work. We see each other and we say hi. I was a bit cautious when saying hi, but he was his normal self. He came over and gave me a hug and just kinda held me by my waist as we talked for a bit. WHEW. Things are normal. And the only one being awkward was me. So I quickly relaxed and just let things be normal.

And since then, it's been normal... well we may be a bit more touchy than before. But I don't mind that. He still calls me his mini-crush. That's how we greet each other now. And so things are good. I'm just glad that breaking the rule didn't ruin everything. I'm not going to say that I'm going to just ignore that rule now... it's still in effect. Guess I just made that exception with Jonah. And I wouldn't mind breaking the rule with him again sometime in the near future ;)

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Aek said...

Hehe, crazy fun times. I'm glad that things aren't awkward between you two.