Thursday, October 21, 2010

26th Birthday

It was my 26th birthday this past Sunday! It was a REALLY long day.... Let's do a quick explanation of why it was one of the longest days I've had in a while:
  • Saturday night, I was at Disneyland with family until 11pm
  • And then I went home to study my lesson plans for a class I had to teach at work in the morning... a class that I didn't know I had to teach until a few days before
  • Stayed up until 3:30am to get comfortable with the "script" of the class
  • Woke up at 7:30am, on my birthday, to get ready and be at work at 9:00am
  • Arrived at 9:00am to prep the classroom, class started at 10am
  • 8 hour class... with an extra 45 minutes of wrap-up time for me. Didn't leave work 'til 7pm
  • Went straight from work to a birthday dinner with my friends
  • At the birthday dinner, one of my friends ask me, "What do you have to do tomorrow?" which means, "Do you want to go to Vegas?" -- they/we go to Vegas all the time
  • After some convincing, I agree to go to Vegas for the night!
  • We leave for Vegas at 11pm... arrive there at 2:30am.
  • We immediately walk down the Strip and find drinks and get drunk
  • We stay up until the sun comes up
  • We go back to our cars to sleep/nap
  • We wake up at 9:15am to satisfy my craving for a Vegas buffet
  • We eat at the Mirage breakfast buffet... stay for the beginning of lunch and I eat my favorite buffet food: crag legs!!
  • My friend drives us back home in a hurry, because I have to be at work for my show choir at 4:30pm
  • I make it home at 3:45pm, rush in to get changed, and then rush out the door.
  • I arrive at show choir just a few minutes late... have a 3 hour rehearsal with my students
  • I rush out of rehearsal to go to Disney for work... rehearsals for the Christmas parade.
  • Rehearsals at Disney last from 8-midnight.
  • I arrive back home past midnight... which is now technically Tuesday morning.
  • Instead of going straight to bed, I shower and watch two hours of TV
  • And then I peacefully sleep in my bed until 1pm :)
Even though it was a very hectic, busy, and tiring few days, it was an awesome birthday spent with great friends. I really enjoyed myself and I wouldn't change it one bit. :D


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. What? No sex? Where's that cute co-worker when you need him?

Seth said...

A very happy (belated) birthday!!



Aek said...

Happy belated birthday! :-)

I think I said happy b-day proper on Twitter though a few days ago.

letopho said...

Your birthday sounds awesome

Aaron said...

I'm sure I did wish you happy birthday on Facebook...... right?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY nonetheless. :) Glad you had an epic few days.