Saturday, September 4, 2010

Street Fair, Hookahs, and Kisses

Every year, the city of Orange, CA has their International Street Fair. They close off a stretch of road and set up booths and stages. They serve alcohol and food from different places around the world. They have "Italian Street," "Denmark Street," "Greek Street," "Irish Street," "Mexican Street," "Polynesian Street," and so many more. Tonight was my first night going to the street fair. Man, it was packed! So many drunk people just stumbling around. Within the first 5 minutes of arriving, I was shoved and had beer spilled all over my arm. Lovely.

I finally found my friends after about 15 minutes of searching. But when I got there it was already past 9pm and the whole place stops serving food and beverages at 10pm. So one of my friends and I hurriedly ran around trying to find food that sounded good, since we were hungry. We found Fish and Chips on "England Street" and that was amazing. Then we tried the "Dutch Fritter" and that wasn't so good. Then we went in search of Abelskivers from Denmark, but by the time we go there, it was already 10pm. So we never got to try them. :(

After the disappointment, we walked back to our friend Kelsie's place. All our drunk friends who had been at the fair since 6pm were all there already. They all sat out in the patio and were smoking some hookah. I had never smoked hookah before... I just don't like smoking... so I never found hookahs exciting or interesting. But since all my friends were doing it tonight, I was a little more than curious.

And what made me more curious was that my drunk friends were all passing their hookah smoke. Meaning, someone would smoke the hookah from the pipe, then hold the smoke in their mouth, and then pass the smoke off to another person. At first, it was a guy passing to a girl and a girl passing to a guy. But then it just got crazy and everyone was passing to each other. My gay friends were passing to other gay friends. Gay friends passing to my straight girl friends. Then gay friends started passing to my straight guy friends! AND THEN my straight guy friends started passing to other guys! LOL. It was just ridiculous!

So I knew I had to get in on it! PLUS, all my friends are super attractive. And though I never really had dirty thoughts about my friends (for the most part... :P), I wasn't going to pass up the chance at kissing them! ;) Especially, Matt, who is BY FAR the most attractive friend that I have. Yummy. He's such a cutie-pie. He's gay and has a boyfriend, but some harmless hookah passing wasn't going to be anything bad. Especially if everyone was just doing it. Oh and then there's also Dicky. He's super hot too.

So, long story short, I got up the courage and passed some hookah to them. And they passed some back to me. Best thing is... they were drunk, but I was completely sober. HAHA. So I'm definitely going to remember this. And one of my "straight" friends, Curtis (and notice that "straight" is in parentheses) kept taking a hit and then passing it to me. I mean, he did that with every boy in the beginning, but towards the end of the night, he passed it to me quite a few times. It was fun giving him a kiss :P

I know nothing will come from any of this.. and obviously I don't want it to. But I just love how all my friends are so crazy and ridiculous. And then a bunch of my friends are going to Vegas this weekend. I was supposed to go with them.. I actually got the days off already, but I didn't want to be there while everyone was REALLY drunk, while I just sat off to the side being sober (since I don't drink). Plus it was going to cost me some money, which I don't have right now. So I opted to stay home this weekend. Hope I don't end up regretting it.

Well, all in all, a FUN night with my friends. But then again, I always have the time of my life with my friends. Looking forward to this week since I have a couple of parties and celebrations to attend. Maybe there'll be more kissing to report!! ;)


torchy! said...

sounds a *lot* of fun, Doug. not sure about the smoky bit, but any excuse for a kiss :D

you'll get plenty of other chances to go to Vegas

have a good time at the parties!


Captastro said...

Awesome Doug! I'd be all over that opportunity too! lol

Aek said...

Well, that definitely sounds like an interesting night. ;-)

Andrew R said...

<3 hookah, esp shotgunning (which is what the passing is called where i'm from).

It's always a good time. :)