Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup

I grew up watching soccer/football. (Sorry... have to address this... I'd rather call the sport football, as that's the term that I learned when I was a wee kid growing up in Hong Kong. Then I started playing soccer when I was middle school. And since I do live in the US, I guess I'll call it soccer in this blog.. but know that I'd rather use "football" since I absolutely despise American football.. ANYWAY...) I get really excited when the World Cup rolls around. There's just not enough soccer coverage on American TV unless it's World Cup coverage. So having a month of awesome soccer to watch is just amazing to me. :)

Some may think that soccer is boring.. that nothing happens.. and usually only 1 or 2 goals in the entire game. Well, I appreciate the entire game. All the gameplay in the middle, the challenges, the attempted shots, it's just all exciting for me! I'd most certainly watch 90 minutes of soccer than 90 minutes of ... ugh.. baseball.

But aside from the exciting gameplay, I'm also finding that I'm in love with many of the players. LOL. Perfect example would be Portgual's Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean, who isn't in love with him? How can you not be?! And Spain's Fernando Torres is mighty hot! There are quite a few hotties from Germany, Australia, Netherlands. And soccer players just have awesome bodies. They're lean, yet not skinny. Just my type. :P

Well, here's the two of my favs. They're so hot!!

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Fernando Torres:


Aek said...

Yes, indeed there are a lot of rather hot soccer players. :-P

Like many kids in the US, I played soccer in elementary school (4th and 5th grade). Alas, I was no good.

Stephen Chapman... said...

I may have mentioned Torres once or maybe twice on my blog.

Ronaldo can look OK some times, but he can come across very badly on and off the pitch. Not the most popular player when he played in the UK.

Barry said...

Booooo! Doug :P You should know better. The world calls it football, while the US calls it soccer? Why can't the US just follow the rest of the world :P

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

We're frothing at the mouth. Love Ronaldo and Torres (and the whole 32 team match-up). What is it about these football players that just get us all hot and bothered? And frankly, the US networks are not doing enough to televise this WORLD cup.

midoriverdegreen said...

i dont usually watch soccer but this year i did and i kinda like that nothing really happens-thats when you know the two teams are evenly matched and it makes a goal lots more exiting :D

Dean Grey said...


So agreeing with you on this.

I'm not into sports at all and yet I felt compelled to watch the World Cup for some reason.

All those toned, athletic jocks running around on the field didn't hurt either!


Mac Callister said...

i love cristiano ronaldo too...that body...damn!