Friday, February 26, 2010

Ok... I'm SO Gay..

HAHA, I can't deny it. I'm gay... because I'm SO into figure skating right now. It has rapidly become my latest hobby and probably one of my "phases" in which I pick up something and then drop it in a matter of weeks. HOWEVER, I'm hoping it's not just a phase and that I continue with it because I'm actually having lots of fun and I'm seeing results.

Last week, after watching the Men's Figure Skating on the Olympics, my friends and I were motivated to go ice skating ourselves. We found a night and went to the nearby rink and had TONS of fun. I hadn't been on the ice in years and it was great to just skate around. Before we left, we went on YouTube to learn how to do some simple jumps and spins. We actually got a few good pointers because we were able to do some tricks. They were UGLY.. but we did them!

After that night, I was hooked. I immediately went on youTube again and researched more. I looked up the ice rink's website and found that they offer classes. I've been in contact with the rink manager and he's going to give me a quick evaluation to see where I place in the classes. And then they're going to start in April. And they're relatively cheap. Actually a very good deal. I've also went online and bought my own pair of figure skates. :P I figured if I'm going to be going a lot, I'd rather have my own pair of skates. And they weren't that expensive! They're not the best because those can cost up to $500!! But I got a pair for $60 that are going to be just fine for me. I can't wait to skate on the ice with them next week.

I went again today with my friend, who I found out last week, used to be a trained figure skater! He stopped training years ago, but when he was there with me today, he looked so good! He taught me some technique and corrected me on my skating. He gave me some good pointers to help me. I learned how to do the backwards crossover... that's the thing that the figure skaters do when they skate backwards and are making a turn. That was my goal for today.. to learn how to do that. I had NO idea how to do it before, but now I can do it! Again, it looks sort of ugly and choppy, but HEY, I can do it and I just need more practice. I'm definitely bringing my friend along every time I go!

Anyway, here's a video of me doing those backward crossovers. :) My goal is to be able to do a double jump. I will die a happy man if I can have that under my belt.
And THAT is why I'm SOO gay.


Biki said...

for just learning it, you looked pretty good out there! Go you! I would like to learn to surf, but the water up here is way to cold. alaska is not the place yo think of when you hear the word, surf!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I like. And if you do decide to drop it later, that's okay too. Life is all about gaining new experiences. So good for you on creating a new one for yourself.

Aek said...

Nice! I've only gone ice skating twice, and I was soooo bad. I'm woefully unathletic and uncoordinated, lol. But props to ya!

Bruce said...

Yep, it's're GAY!! If we couldn't tell before by all that gay sex you were having, we can certainly tell now. Enjoy it!! Lol